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Delivering outstanding AI experiences.

- Automate services with AI-powered chat and voice bots
- Manage high traffic, increase satisfaction, and reduce costs
- Empower staff with enhanced services & AI training

Unlock the full potential of AI automation.

Telepresent have been developing Ai and Machine learning projects for several years. We have worked on everything from small autonomous bots through to a large integrated models and related virtual agents.

However, things have been moving so quickly it has come time to team up.

Telepresent have partnered with Boost.AI

Boost.AI have been developing AI driven commercial solutions for almost a decade (which is a long time in AI terms!). They have deployed virtual agents for many well-known enterprise organisations. Boost.AI have a rare pedigree in this rapidly accelerating industry, along with a veritable library of successful case studies.

We have long been impressed with Boost.AI’s approach. To empower organisations to build and manage their own virtual agents. The Boost in-house integration, development and support teams are second to none, and there is a comprehensive academy and training program to quickly re-skill your staff and get them up-to-speed.

Rather than list all the possibilities, if you are looking for support on the building and deployment of AI empowered services, and if reliability, security, and precise control are important to you, please do get in touch.