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We LOVE Remo!

People feel more present, included and empowered. Networking is natural and easy. Presentation and engagement tools are excellent.

Remo is definitely our favourite event platform.

Whilst we use many platforms at Telepresent, Remo has been our favourite for some time. No other platform enables the level of engagement and togetherness we can engender in Remo. Proper networking, chance encounters, impromptu chats… all the things other platforms really struggle with Remo does brilliantly.

What makes Remo so different?

Remo events have real WOW factor. People feel present, included, impressed, and empowered. Networking is natural and easy. Presentation and engagement tools are outstanding, and we can completely tailor the environment to your event, ensuring it looks and feels amazing too!      

The best online experiences

Remo recently topped the info-tech virtual event rankings in almost all categories. Nice to see others agree that Remo really is the best on-line event platform available. Better for guests, better for sponsors, better for engagement, just better than anything else available online.

Properly empower people

In Remo people can explore the environment and have control over where they go, what they click on and who they choose to engage with. They will thank you for valuing their time, allowing them some autonomy, and delivering a great experience.   

Talk easily with anyone at the event

See everyone at the event. Mouse-over people to see who they are and check out their business card. Decide if you want to join a table or not based on who is already sitting there. Engage in conversations easily and move to a different table with a click of your mouse. You really can properly mingle and network online.

Relax and enjoy your time together

Help people loosen up with settings designed to calm minds and stimulate creativity. Make people feel welcome, included, and valued. Our aim is to impress and make people smile! To create an environment where people feel comfortable, relaxed and energised.

The best way to bring people together online

♦️ Conferences ♦️ Awards ♦️Training ♦️ Community ♦️ Education ♦️ Virtual HQs
♦️ Town Halls ♦️ Poster Sessions ♦️ Networking ♦️ Entertainment ♦️ Socials & Parties
♦️ Fundraisers ♦️ Trade shows ♦️ Showrooms ♦️ Link multiple halls for large events

Did we mention that Remo is excellent for parties?

Environments like our Superyacht add a real element of fun, with streaming background music of your choice and full presentation capabilities on tap. Why not send your guests a bottle of something to enjoy at the event, or hire an amazing MC to liven things up? In Remo we can host proper top-notch events where everyone is included!

Visit our Gallery of amazing event environments, see our Remo Shop page, to purchase a new floorplan, see our Remo Pricing page, and please do Get in touch to find out more!