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Perfect for: Communities, Alumni, corporate events.

  • Seating capacity per floor: 125 seats / 100 guests per floor
  • Two blue sofa areas are 12 seaters.
  • Main tables seat 8, tables of four bottom left, and tables of two bottom right (landing zone / private meetings)
  • Reception seats 7.
  • Large Left screen behind the stage (can also double as a stage backdrop / sponsor slot)
  • Green Room on the stage. First seat takes the lectern position.
  • 13 Sponsor slots.
  • Comes with sponsor slot blanks, and also PSD files to make up the four pop-up banners.
  • No Right Screen
  • All tables named.

Your view can be anywhere you like!

For a bespoke view choose ‘Bespoke Background Image’ below. We will contact you directly to action your image selection. Please note: Bespoke designs can take up to a week.
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Special Features:

This started life as a bespoke venue to gather the Alumni of a well-known university (we have changed it a bit for general release, and with their blessing).

It is however ideal for many communities and business oriented events.

The 4 pop-up banners are loaded into sponsor slots. Blank photoshop files are provided so you can make up your own pop-up banners, or we would be happy to make you a set to your specification (additional).

There is a large video screen or sponsor slot behind the stage which can also be used to load a stage backdrop.

The first tables to fill are by the reception / check in desk. The desk has a sponsor slot on the top and can be re-named.

Backdrop / view can be changed to your specification, but this needs to be done by us as an additional (it has to be loaded in the 3D model and then rendered)

License terms: Unlimited use on one Remo account. Direct upload to account your by Remo.

Additional information

Alumni Layout

Manhatan View as pictured, Your own specified / bespoke view

Alumni Pop-Up Banner Design

Non Required, One Design, Two Different Design, Four Different Design