Perfect for: Trade show stands, showrooms, office, training, branded experiences.

  • Total seating capacity per floor: 67 seats / 54 guests per floor
  • Tables: see function image for layout
    • 5 x 10 seating areas
    •  2x 8 / 3 x 5 / 2 x 6 / 2 x 2
    • 8 x 4 arrival landing zones in front of the banners
  • Green Room is board table on the mezzanine (8).
  • 15 Sponsor slots
  • Left Screen in the main panel.
  • No Right Board
  • Tables can not named (colour coded instead)

Want your own unique showroom or trade-show stand

We can make these environments look and function almost however you like, creating unique showrooms and branded designs. Please contact us to discuss something special for your organisation.
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Special Features:

Wow your clients and guests with a totally tailored showroom packed with presentations and promotions.

Perfect for demonstrating what your organisation does.

Also works well when un-manned as an always open showroom displaying your capabilities and products.

Excellent as a hub for a distributed sales team or company orientation environment.

Fully tailorable. Comes complete with a set of sponsor banner blanks to aid your dressing of the room.

Fully featured… jump into presentation mode and link to and from other Remo environments.

Environment preparation and event management services available.

Want something unique… juts let us know and we can work together to create a completely unique environment (additional fees apply).

Note: This showroom is not designed for large numbers of people simultaneously.
It’s intended to invite smaller numbers in to experience and promote your organisation or brand.
It works on the trade-show principle… you probably can’t cater for a thousand people all wanting your teams attention right now, but you can see thousands of people over the course of a trade show.

When connected to a trade show floor it naturally limits the number who can be on your stand at any one time.
You can open up ten floors and potentially accommodate over 500 people at the same time though… but each floor is a more intimate ‘sales’ experience due to the purposely limited numbers.
If you want a stand that can accommodate a hundred people per floor though we would be happy to build you one.

License terms: Unlimited use on one Remo account. Direct upload to your account by Remo.

Additional information

Colour Scheme

Dark Blue & Grey, Light Blue, Multi-coloured