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Digital Venue Pricing

Choose the format that works best for you.

Digital Venue Hire

Why hold expensive licences, train staff, and keep up to date with all the changes when you can just hire a venue when you need it?
…with as much or as little support as you want.

From *£195/hr
(per 100 people)
Minimum two hours.
Remo. Gather. Airmeet. GoBrunch. RunTheWorld (+more).
We can help match the right platform and format for your event.

Price on application
Virbela. ExVo. Welo. Hubs. XR venues. VR Venues.

*Please note: All events are subject to a £195 set-up fee in addition to the above to cover programming, providing access and supplying instructions on using your digital venue.


All other services @ £80/hr

Event Management
Our highly experienced event managers will guide you through the entire process to ensure your event is a great success! Full white glove service available.
Event Facilitation
Hire our team to help greet attendees, manage event flow, and handle on-site technical support. We can also help with post event analytics and reporting.
Venue set-up
Venue dressing & tailoring. Branding, inclusion of sponsors, embedding of materials and additional functions. Landing page, lobby design, and other pre-event preparations.
Training & onboarding
Preparing your team, speakers, and delegates to ensure everyone is ready to go for the big event! Creation of rehearsals, messaging, infographics & materials to circulate to delegates.
Custom venue creation
Our specialist developers will create a bespoke environment completely tailored to your organisation and needs. Seriously impresses people that you have your own impressive online venue!
Graphics, Video, and materials creation.
Our team can create high class event graphics, presentations, infographics, videos, whiteboards, widgets… whatever is needed to elevate your event to amazing!

A more expensive event is not necessarily better. Please do talk to us. We can advise on the right choices for your budget.


Always open facilities

You don’t necessarily need an online office for everyone, but having some always open shared facilities can be a real boon! Use them like any other facilities for your organisation… they just happen to be online.

Sometimes less automated ‘calendar invites’ and a more personal laid-back approach can be much more inviting.

“Department meeting on Wednesdays at 10:00 in the lounge”
“Meet you back at the office in five minutes”
“Training for this will be on Thursday morning in the atrium”
“Debbie is holding open house in the lounge on Tuesday at 4PM – do pop along if you have any questions about the internship programme”.

Generally most digital venues / campuses charge by the available concurrent users. So… for example… a space that will hold up to 100 people at any given time. Some require named users, and other have limited guest passes. As each platform is a bit different, both in capabilities and charging MO, we should discuss what would be the best fit for your needs.

The benefits however can be HUGE, getting people together and giving them new facilities and tools. People feel properly part of the organisation, not just siloed in a small group of direct contacts… and all sorts of connections, activities and event that would be rather difficult or dull on Teams suddenly come alive when you lift the restrictions, empower people to mix and mingle, and add a bit of pizzazz.

Prices start from a few hundred dollars a month. Fully managed services and all the support you need are available on request.


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Your own digital venue

Want something special, something unique that has been built from the ground and optimised specifically for your requirements?

Or maybe you want complete control with your own account (with the ability to call for support if needed).

Or possibly you would really like to blow people’ s socks off with how cool your on-line venue is?

We’ve got you covered. Telepresent can help guide you through platform selection, customisation, training, and provide ongoing support as needed.

We are wholly independent so can provide completely unbiased advice on what will work best. Having assessed well over a hundred online event and remote working platforms we have divined very best, the ones that have real power to transform how people feel and deliver results.


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