Christmas Ballroom [Big Screen]


A wonderful hotel ballroom beautifully decorated for Christmas!

In this version the Santa area has been replaced with a large left screen… ideal for live streaming entertainment / messages / a live DJ whilst people are still able to mix and minge and chat.

Perfect for: Christmas Parties, corporate get-togethers, community gatherings, and just having fun.


  • Seating capacity per floor: 120 seats / 96 guests
  • Tables: 17 x 6, 3 x 8 (dancefloor), 2 x 3
  • Large Left screen instead of the Santa area.
  • Green Room is on the stage
  • 6 Sponsor slots (one doubles as the left screen on an either / or basis)
  • No Right Screen
  • Tables numbered not named


Special Features:

Large video screen instead of the Santa table designed for live streaming and playing entertainment.

People arrive on the dance floor (3 hidden tables of 8) where you can meet and greet and show them to their table

The dancefloor is also excellent for having a boogie and mingling later! 😊

License terms: Unlimited use on one Remo account. Direct upload to your Remo account.

Additional information

Christmas Piano Bar Options

Green Seating, Red Seating