Santa’s House


Perfect for:
Fun and merriment at Christmas. Parties, team get-togethers, community gatherings, and just having friends over.

  • Seating capacity per floor: 122 seats / 98 guests per floor
  • Tables: 13 x 8, 2 x 6, 2 x 3
  • Left screen in the fireplace.
  • Green Room around the base of the Christmas Tree
  • 14 Sponsor slots (some hold optional animated graphics)
  • Small left screen to facilitate background sounds / music.
  • No Right Screen
  • Most tables named


Special Features:

Santa’s house has probably take us longer to get right than any other floorplan. Great attention to detail,  integrated graphics which we supply with the floorplan, add some Christmas music through the left screen in the fireplace and you don’t get much more Christmassy than this!

Animated window with snow scene (provided)

Animated fairly lights above the fireplace (provided)

Whoever is first on the Santa table gets the Santa seat

Left screen in the fireplace so you can load a ‘real fire’ video.

Extras provided:

Animated Snow Scene for the window ready to load (has been created specially).

Two Christmas posters (and Photoshop blanks so you can change them)

Large Merry Christmas sign on the left (and a Photoshop blank so you can change it)

Suggestions for You-Tube videos to load in the fireplace (Christmas music / jazz music / fireplace sounds)

License terms: Unlimited use on one Remo account. Direct upload to your account by Remo.