Perfect for:
Immersive and experiential events. Promotions and displays. Training. Onboarding. Showrooms. Office or reception area.

Change the background video and change the vibe!.

  • Guests: 100 seats / 80 guests per floor
  • Tables: 10 x 10 (*note not all plans can use 10 seats).
  • 26 Sponsor slots (*not all can be used simultaneously)
  • Giant left screen for ambience / immersion / presentations.
  • No Right Screen
  • 10 Person green room (hidden).
  • All tables visibly named


Check out these videos of Gallery in different set-ups.

Special Features:

The floorplan is designed for an impressive level of immersion.

You can completely change the nature of the environment for every event just by changing the video!

(and you can swap out the video during an event to change things up – ask us how if unsure – so you can completely switch the vibe several times during an event!).

26 sponsor slots embedded to add all forms of function, information and engagement.

The possibilities are endless.

Corporate conferences, training, art installations, presentations, parties, impressive reception area…

Link several galleries together to create a journey.

We can change the room layout (additional fees apply)… this version is fairly neutral on purpose to allow embedding a wider range of graphics and video content.

See videos below.  We would be delighted to give you a test drive… please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

License terms: Unlimited use on one Remo account. Direct upload to your account by Remo.