HQ & Training

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Perfect for:

Welcoming visitors, meeting rooms, training sessions, conferences, lectures, & networking events.

This is our second most used environment. An extremely versatile environment with all sorts of use cases.

  • Total seating capacity per floor: 95 seats / 76 guests per floor.
  • Tables: 6 x 8, 1×7, 8×4, 4×2 seat tables.
  • Green Room is in the woods behind the back wall
  • 21 Sponsor slots. Not all can be used simultaneously.
    Please see your Remo plan for how many you can use.
  • Left Screen also has a sponsor slot on it. Use either / or.
  • Extensive sponsorship or branding space.
  • Workshop tables for training delivery or group discussion
  • Informal sofa areas and tables of two for personal conversations.
  • Central Helpdesk has a sponsor slot for repurposing (Helpdesk / Reception)
  • No Right Screen
  • Most tables named

HQ Design Options

  1. You can have the walls in any colour you like.
  2. The whole environment can be tailored to your organisations colour scheme.
  3. Logos and messages can be built into the design (not just using sponsor slots)

We have included some examples of tailored environments in the images.
Please choose from the options below and we will be in touch to discuss your preferred design options.

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Special Features:

A great environment to make people feel included in a larger group or activity.

Guests can arrive, pop to reception and then join the relevant meeting room.

Fully featured Remo environment with presentation functions and up to ten floors / 60 meeting rooms.

Extensive sponsorship or branding space. Workshop tables for training delivery or group discussion and informal sofa areas and tables of two for personal conversations.Central Helpdesk can be rebranded or named.

Designed to work as part of a linked campus with several of our other floorplans… all of which are in the same design style and perspective.

The screen on the main stage can be used as either a video screen or a sponsor banner.

Guests arrive on the sofas in the middle so as not to land into ongoing meetings / training sessions

Design is tailorable to your organisations colour scheme, logo and messaging.

A version with ten seat meeting rooms is available (10×2 / 12×8 / 4×2 = 124 seats / 99 Guests).
Only some Remo plans can use the additional seating. Please ensure you have a suitable plan before ordering.

License terms: Unlimited use on one Remo account. Direct upload to your account by Remo.

Additional information

Add design extras

Standard Blue Colour Scheme, Add logo into the design +$95, Change colour scheme of the design +$95, Add Logo & Change colour scheme $180

Order Option 2

8 seat rooms either side (standard), 10 seat rooms either side (notes below)