Villa Garden


Perfect for:
Relaxed gatherings, fund-raisers, soirees, garden parties, relaxed breakout or wellbeing sessions at a conference. Can be added as a garden area in a larger complex. Special VIP meet & greet version available.

One of our most used and best loved environments. Watch people’s mood lift as they enter the garden. Beautiful setting, stunning planting and background sounds of summer playing all work together creating a super relaxed vibe.

  • Total seating capacity per floor
    Standard version: 108 seats / 87 guests per floor
    VIP version: 118 seats / 95 Guests per floor
  • Tables:
    Standard Version:  2 x 8, 12x 6, 2×4 (+ 3 x 6 landing areas on the patch)
    VIP Version: 5 x 8, 10 x 6 (+ 3 x 6 landing areas on the patch)
  • Green Room is in the wood between the paved areas on the right
  • 4 Sponsor slots
  • Small left screen to facilitate background sounds / music.
  • No Right Screen
  • Most tables named
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Special Features:

Lighten the mood and feel people relax when they spend time in our Wellbeing garden.

The floorplan is designed for meticulously choreographed events, but can also be used juts as a relaxed garden or chill area.

Perfect for fundraisers, soirees, VIP meet & greet, parties, relaxed breakout or wellbeing sessions at a conference, garden area in a larger complex.

People arrive on the path (first three tables / invisible) where you can welcome, give them a quick technical check-over and then direct to their tables.

VIP version

The VIP plan is designed to host a VIP who then circulates to meet guests.

VIP arrives in the secure green room. Can feature in presentations, and then do a choreographed tour of the tables along with a chaperone.

Every table in the VIP version has two invisible seats which people are instructed to leave free (if they would like the VIP to visit their table).

Also excellent for facilitators, SLT circulation and training sessions.

License terms: Unlimited use on one Remo account. Direct upload to your account by Remo.

Additional information

Villa Layout Option

Standard layout, VIP version