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Perfect for: Sporting occasions, socials, conferences with a sporting theme.
Watching sports together in groups while being able to discuss / cheer at your tables and move around to see others / hold awards and presentations.

  • Total seating capacity per floor: 111 seats / 89 guests per floor.
  • Tables: 12 x 8, 1×7 (bar), 2 x 4.
  • Green Room is on the rug by the lectern (click on the lectern).
  • 12 Sponsor slots
  • Left Screen also has a sponsor slot on it. Use either / or.
  • No Right Screen
  • Most tables named

Your Skylounge can be anywhere you like!

For a bespoke Skylounge choose ‘Bespoke Background Image’ below. We will contact you directly to action your image selection. Please note: Bespoke designs can take up to a week.
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Special Features:

Amazing panoramic background that can be changed to an image of your choice of image for +$195 (per iteration).
*Please not many sporting stadiums and logos are rights protected. No images with Editorial Only licence can be used.

Sponsor slots over small TV screens and blanks are supplied so you can make up your own branding that fits well.
Room dressing / preparation service also available.

Giant left screen.

License terms: Unlimited use on one Remo account. Direct upload to your account by Remo.

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Standard Layout, Bespoke Background Image