Perfect for:
Sponsors hall, Trade Show, Career fair, Poster Sessions, Trade Missions, Exhibitions

  • Seating capacity per floor: 117 seats / 94 guests per floor
  • 14 Booths @ 6 seats. 1 x Reception @ 7 Seats. 8 Tables @ 4 seats. 4 Benches @ 2 seats.
  • Reception can double as a fifteenth booth.
  • Left screen in Reception.
  • Large sponsor slot in each both and also Reception.
  • 3 large sponsor slots down each side of the hall
    • There are 22 Sponsor slots in total, but you don’t have to use them all.
    • Check your plan limit… not all may be able to be used simultaneously.
  • No Right Screen
  • All booths and tables named


Special Features:

The booths have purposely large sponsor slots ion them to carry advertisements or academic posters.

These are quite clear when you zoom in.

Click on the poster to see an enlarged version in the pop-up window.

Booths can be locked for private / timed meetings, and you can have people report to reception to book in or link a booking calendar into the booth pop-up window.

An ideal sponsor or trade show hall to link to a conference or event, or great as a stand-alone poster session or business event.

License terms: Unlimited use on one Remo account. Direct upload to account your by Remo.

Additional information

Alumni Layout

Manhatan View as pictured, Your own specified / bespoke view